Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Bucket List

This lovely meme was created by Jessi over at Novel Heartbeat!

Bucket List

Meet Charles Trippy.  I think I mentioned him in another Life of a Blogger post.  This guy is awesome.  He's been vlogging non stop for five years.  He's never missed a day, even when he found out that he had cancer.  He vlogged throughout two brain surgeries and chemo.  All throughout touring, he'll vlog.  Charles is a trooper.  He's my hero.  We the Kings (his band) is going to be playing Warped Tour so I hope I can get tickets for my birthday.  I'll probably cry if I meet him.  Totally serious.

Learn French.  I have the first level of Rosetta Stone and I was doing pretty well for a while but I kind of got out of the swing of things.  Hopefully, I pick it back up soon.

Go to France (or any country really).

Go ziplining.  I want to do this so bad.

Explore an abandoned building.  Something really creepy like an old insane asylum. 

Okay, so it's not a very long bucket list.  But it's really hard to think of stuff on a whim.  Give me time and maybe I'll update this and then use it a future reference.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my life.  Come back next Thursday and I'll tell you about my pet peeves!

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