Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge!

Since one of my goals in 2015 is to complete at least 10 series, I figured that signing up for this challenge would be perfect to keep me on track.  

Here are the details:

1 point for each novella
2 points for each full length novel
10 points for
each completed series
(A series is considered 3 books or more, you can read a duology but can't earn the bonus 10 points.  Also, you don't get points for the first book.)

Newbie: 10-25 points
Amateur: 26-50 points
Advanced: 51-75 points
Professional: 76 -100 points
Veteran: 101+ points

I am aiming for Veteran status!  
As long as I reach 101 points, I'm good.  But if I manage to surpass that?  Well, then that's just awesome!

The way I post updates is tricky.  I think I will use this as a master post and update it with all the books.  But I also think I will make an update post every couple of months.  I will also use that little button up at the top at the end of all my reviews that fall into this challenge!  Sound good?

If you want more of an explanation then feel free to go to Jessi's original post here!

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