Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review: In Time (The Darkest Minds #1.5) by Alexandra Bracken!

Don't miss this exciting short story that connects The Darkest Minds to its much-anticipated sequel, Never Fade.

Gabe's life has been devastated in the wake of the economic crash. The only option left for someone like him to escape his tragic past is to leave his small town behind and to attempt to become a skiptracer. This already almost impossible task is made all the more difficult by his first score, a young girl who won't speak, but who changes his life in ways he could never imagine.

 Description taken from Goodreads

My Review

What the hell was that?!  How can a novella pack so much punch?  What am I feeling right now, you ask?  Betrayal!  How dare you Alexandra Bracken!  How dare you play with my emotions like this!

I just…can’t.  Ugh.  This novella honestly made me laugh.  It made me cry.  It made me grab at my chest in pain.  Ahhh!

At first I didn’t like Gabe.  I thought he was weak and annoying and I didn’t like him.  Buuut, that soon changed.  And Zu!  Oh, how I love Zu and her sarcasticness.  Her love for all things pink and good.  Her love for The Wizard of Oz.  That part killed me.  I teared up, I really did.  And when she said that she has two brothers and a sister, even though she’s an only child?  How did I react?  I wanted to throw my phone at a wall!

The plot was a little iffy for me.  I guess I just missed Ruby’s POV and it took me a while to warm up to the other side of things.  But, at about half way through, things started to get good.  And I just loved Zu and Gabe’s relationship. 

But we better get some kind of closure in Never Fade because that ending was just unacceptable.

Do not skip In Time, dear readers!  Do not skip it!  You get a ton of insight about a lot of things.  It’s pretty crazy.  

Characters 4/5
Plot 3.5/5
Feels 4/5
Writing 5/5
Overall 4.1/5

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