Monday, March 2, 2015

February Wrap Up/March TBR!

I feel like I rocked February.  Haha.  Seriously.  I read a total of 9 books!  Finished 1 and started another! Holy friggens! I do have to say that one was a DNF and the other was a novella.  Buuut, I managed to make it through 200 pages of the DNF, so I mean, come on.  That kinda counts.

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       Review                                                             Review         

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Review                                                      Review

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      Review                        Review                     It's over! *cries*

Finally finished re-reading this one!  Wooo!

I also managed to get through over half of this one here:

March TBR

I'm actually participating in the Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer!  So, I won't be reading any new books this month.  You can head on over to my original post about it and check it out!

I already finished Ready Player One!  Yes!

Moving on to:

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I started The Darkest Minds about two years ago and for some reason I just didn't finish it.  No idea why, cause I was enjoying it.  

I need Jamie in my life again!

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I read The Pledge a loooong time ago.  And I could never find the rest of the trilogy in B&N so I could never finish it.  That is until I discovered the wonderful online utopia that is Book Outlet!  Now I can!

 I actually accepted this one for review.  I'm so excited to read it!  I've heard amazing things!

Annnd if I manage to read all of those:
I know I'll be in desperate need of a contemporary.

9 books and 2 novellas!  I can do this!

What was your favorite book you read in February?  What are you most looking forward to reading in March?  Let me know in the comments!
 If you would like to purchase any of these books, please think about using my Book Depository affiliate link.  I'm currently unemployed and truly appreciate anything I can get.

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