Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (10): Books from my Childhood that I Would like to Revisit!


This week I'm talking about those books that I loved as a child, that I would really like to read again.  It's all about the nostalgia.  Now, I wasn't much of a reader when I was young.  I was that kid that felt embarrassed because I liked to read so I just didn't.  Unless I really wanted to. 

I remember having to do a book report in like third or fourth grade and I chose this book.  I fell in love but I never continued on with the series.  I'm trying to slowly collect the whole series.

I "read" Lyddie when I was in eighth grade.  I mostly skimmed this book and only did enough to get me through the tests and everything but now that I'm older, my love for historical fiction definitely has me wanting to give this book an actual shot.

This was around fourth grade, I think.  I needed something for "quiet reading time" and picked the simplest book from the school library.  But now, almost fifteen years later, I see these little books everywhere and would love to take them seriously now.

I honestly thought I was such a badass while reading these books.  Oh jeez.  This was middle school era.  

Let me paint you a picture.  Seven or eight year old little Courtney needs to find a book for a book report, she goes to the school library and finds this book.  She read it and loved it and wrote up a book report for it, so proud of it.  She gets the report back and receives a "failing" grade.  Her teacher told her it was too personal and emotional.  Her feelings had no right to be on that paper, it needed to be more professional.  Stupid teacher.  I'm almost twenty four and still remember that so vividly.  Anyway, I just want to reread it cause I don't really remember the actual story.  Whoops.

This was the first actual series that I read and finished.  I loved it sooooo much.  If you loved The Darkest Minds trilogy then you definitely need to pick up this series.  There's seven books but they're really quite short. You could probably finish at least two in a day.  And I think I was probably a freshman in high school when I read this?  Maybe?  It was somewhere around there.

I had to read this when I was a junior in high school and really loved it.  I actually see it in the YA section in B&N with a cover change and a couple of sequels, I think.  Definitely have to pick them up soon.

My introduction into dystopia.  This isn't really from my childhood but I feel like it's vital to this list.  It was my first dystopian book.  Come on.  This was read in my last year of high school.

Well, I think that's it.  I actually knew that I wouldn't be able to get to ten but I'm actually surprised that I was able to remember eight.  Good job, Court!  

And I'm not going to mention Harry Potter because that's just way too obvious and I'm already rereading the series.  So, there ya go.

If you would like to purchase any of these books, please think about using my Book Depository affiliate link.  I'm currently unemployed and truly appreciate anything I can get.

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