Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fans Can Make Frostbite Happen!!

You may or may not have heard about this but there is an Indiegogo campaign to make the second book in the Vampire Academy series, Frostbite, into a movie!  Now, I know the the first movie didn't do well at all and many of the fans were disappointed but I still found it entertaining and was able to separate book from movie.  I thought the actors did a great job with what they were given and I would love to be able to see the rest of the movies and maybe even Bloodlines be made into a movie.  But first, we need to make Frostbite happen!

If you go here or click on the above picture, it will take you to the Indiegogo campaign.  There are some awesome perks that you can acquire by donating to this fund.  For example you could get a hoodie, a shirt/tank top, posters, exclusive content, some signed pictures and even a signed picture of the future Adrian Ivashkov himself.  How freaking awesome would that be!?  I, myself, am planning on buying that perk once I get back home from vacation.

I have faith in this new screenwriter.  I think that he understands Frostbite and is willing to do everything possible in making this a faithful book to movie adaptation.  Let's show him and the rest of the team how faithful we are to this series!

Anyways, if you have some spare change, even if it's just a dollar, please consider contributing to the fund.  The fans really want this.  Someone even paid $10,000 to get a chance on set if it gets made.  So, clearly we want this bad enough.  We just need exposure.  Feel free to share my post or make a post of your own to get the word out there.  Contact other fandoms like Buffy or Vampire Diaries.  Let's see if we can get this movie made people!

Let me know your thoughts.  Have you already contributed?  What perks did you/will you get?  Please keep the comments friendly.

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