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Review: Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper

A sweeping historical romance about a witch who foresees her own murder--and the one boy who can help change her future.

Sixteen-year-old Avery Roe wants only to take her rightful place as the witch of Prince Island, making the charms that keep the island's whalers safe at sea, but her mother has forced her into a magic-free world of proper manners and respectability. When Avery dreams she's to be murdered, she knows time is running out to unlock her magic and save herself.

Avery finds an unexpected ally in a tattooed harpoon boy named Tane--a sailor with magic of his own, who moves Avery in ways she never expected. Becoming a witch might stop her murder and save her island from ruin, but Avery discovers her magic requires a sacrifice she never prepared for

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My Review

What a gem this book was.  I was not expecting Salt & Storm at all.  I actually received it when I went to BookCon and I didn’t even get it myself.  I was sitting around waiting for a panel to start and these two women came up to me and asked if I wanted some books.  I almost laughed, because, honestly. 

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But anyway, of course I took them.  One of them was Salt & Storm and another was a new one by Holly Black.  The name is escaping me right now.

Let me start out by saying that I have never read anything like this before, at all.  It is tragic yet beautiful. Kendall Kulper’s writing style is unbelievable and just another reason to love this book.  The story is so unique.  The use of magic was exquisite and well thought out.  Just the story of the magic itself and how it’s acquired is intricate and is a story all on its’ own.  The whole book just has so many layers and has so much depth.  I feel like I could read so many books about this, the history of each Roe witch would be such a pleasure to read about.  We didn’t get too much about each witch but we did get to learn about some of their ‘gifts’ which gives us just a taste of what this magic is all about and I want more.  Please, Kendall, can you write companion stories.  Pretty please?

Avery is our main character.  Holy friggens is she strong willed.  She does not give up, she makes tons of sacrifices, goes to Hell and back multiple times.  She is definitely a wonderful heroine that is ultimately relatable in the end.

The love interest is Tane, who is new to Avery’s little town.  He’s soft spoken and so gentle.  Loyal to a fault and definitely a fighter.

I love how they both know what they want and they both will go to the ends of the Earth to achieve their goals.

Avery’s grandmother is the Roe witch right now.  And she’s definitely an interesting character, I would love more of her story.

Now, Avery’s mother was someone that I loved to hate.  At first you think she’s a complete bitch but then you think she’s a little crazy and then it goes back to bitch.  You just don’t know what to think about her and I loved her and Avery’s interactions.  Extremely intense.  And I really appreciated the back story that we got of her as well.

Like I said before, I just loved learning about the history of the Roe witch, and how it’s a generational thing and each witch has a special ‘gift’.  I loved that aspect of the story.  I also found the whaling plotline interesting.  I really don’t like the idea of poaching but I can at least understand it because of the time period.  It was interesting to read how each whaler relied so heavily on the Roe witch to make charms and things to make their journey a successful one.  Talk about needy.

I really don’t want to go into too much detail because of spoilers, but the end was my favorite.  I hate not being able to say why, but I’ll just say that it is a shocker and does not follow any specific YA formula at all.  Kulper was not afraid to take risks  when it came to how she ended this book.

Also, I loved the hidden little messages that I found woven throughout the book:
Everything is not always what they seem at first.
Make sure you have both sides or all sides of a story before you make a life altering decision.
When one door closes another will open.
Don’t give up when all hope is lost.

Salt & Storm definitely hooks you and pulls you in right until the end and it will leave you completely heartbroken but still satisfied.  A strange combination, for sure, but just go ahead and read it and you will understand what I’m talking about.

If you enjoy stories about witchcraft or strong female characters then this book is definitely for you.  Go check it out on September 23, 2014!

I’m going to leave you guys with one of my favorite quotes from the book.  It relates to me on such a personal level it’s not even funny.
“There’s magic in talking aloud, like drawing out poison, like exposing a wound to air.” p 371 of ARC

 5 out of 5 hearts!

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