Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (3): Goals/Resolutions for 2015!


This week is all about the goals and/or resolutions for 2015!  It can be anything really.  Books, blogging, whatever you like!

1. Be more active on my blog.  I just really want to post more.  This includes doing some memes and more reviews.  Having some more giveaways.  I'm also going to try and comment back to all of you that comment on my posts.  I've already started doing this, but let's just hope I can keep it up in the new year.

2.  Finish at least 10 series.  I have a tendency to start a series and then around the second book, I just kind of forget about it.  New books come out and I get distracted.  Life of a book nerd, I guess.

3.  Read 80 books.  This was supposed to be my goal for 2014 but for some reason I got a really late start and didn't start reading until around March.  So, I lowered my goal to 40 books and luckily surpassed that with over 60 books.  

4.  Get accepted on a major blog tour.  I've been blogging for over a year now and still haven't been accepted for a major blog tour.  I've done little things, like cover reveals or blitzes and they're awesome, but it would be so satisfying to get recognized by a big author.

5.  Get my library and bedroom all fixed up.   Originally, I had two bookcases in my bedroom but it just got so out of hand and my room just seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.  So, I eventually took over the spare room and turned that into a library.  But, with all the moving and redecorating and stuff, both rooms are still kind of a mess.  I'm hoping I can get this all sorted and not have to deal with the mess anymore.

6.  Finally get my license.  I'm 23 and still don't have my license.  I'm absolutely terrified but I am determined to do it.  My goal is to have it by August.

7.  Get a job.  I've been unemployed since I was 17.  Again, I'm absolutely terrified.  But, this is the first time where I've been even more terrified of not having the funds to take care of myself.  The holidays really put things into perspective for me.  Wish me luck, I'll be starting the hunt in couple of days!

8.  Go back to school.  I think I've mentioned on here before that I really wanted to go back to school and get a degree in Speech Pathology or Audiology.  But it's been a hectic year and things became more important.  But I'm hoping if I can get things figured out, then maybe I can take summer classes and get back into the swing of things.

9.  Get back to learning French.  Last Christmas, I received the French Rosetta Stone from my mom and dad.  And I was doing really well with it for awhile, but again things got in the way and I fell out of the routine.

10.  Have some fun!  I honestly feel like I don't do anything anymore.  I spend my days and nights at home either reading or watching netflix.  I don't go out and 'party'.  I just want to broaden my horizons a bit.  I don't want to go crazy and completely forget about my morals but I do want to get out of my comfort zone.  But, I think all of this starts with getting a job and my license.

So, what about you guys?  Do any of you have these same goals/resolutions?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Go get your license! We're all cheering you on. Also, French is way too hard for me, but I speak Spanish and Italian.

    Here's mine

    1. Thanks so much, Danica! I really appreciate it! And I just think that being able to speak multiple languages is so awesome.

  2. I didn't wait until I was 23 until I got my license but I did put it off for quite awhile so I can sympathize. :) You'll get it done. :)

    1. Thanks, Lois! I have major anxiety so that's why I've been putting off. But now I realize that it's beyond time to get it!

  3. I would love to get on a big book tour as well. Good luck with that! Hope you achieve all your goals!
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