Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Celebrity Crushes and Favorite Genres of Music

So, I missed a week.  Whoops.  

This wonderful meme was created by Jessi!

Celebrity Crushes

This is the toughest topic yet.  And such a chore as well, having to look up all of these pictures.  Can you sense my sarcasm?  Now, these four men are the ones that I will drop everything to be able to see.  Whether it be in a vlog or an interview, TV show or movie.  I will make time to witness their perfection.

Number One on my list has got to be...

Dylan O'Brien
If you had asked me three months ago, who he is, I would have had no clue who you were talking about.  But then I decided to watch Teen Wolf and I fell in love with Dylan's character, Stiles.  And now I'm obsessed with him.  Anyone else a Teen Wolf fan?  I would love someone to talk to about it.

Next up we have this lovely man here,

Charles Trippy
Charles is a daily vlogger on Youtube.  He and his wife, Alli, have been doing this for five years straight without missing a single day.  Charles has also been diagnosed with cancer, he has had two brain surgeries to date and countless seizures.  He is the bassist for We the Kings and is just awesome.  He is such an inspiration and personally, my hero.  Go check his and Alli's channel out - CTFxC / Internet Killed Television

Then there is,

Logan Lerman
So, I fell in love with him when I saw the Percy Jackson movie.  Now, back then I hadn't read the books so I didn't know how awesome they were and I was just really looking for an entertaining movie to watch, which is what I found.  Anyway, I loved Logan as Percy and sort of stalked followed his career ever since.  I loved The Three Musketeers and Perks and recently saw Stuck in Love.  Each movie he does is awesome and so is he.


Matthew Macfadyen
It's all about Mr. Darcy.  Totally fell in love with him as Mr. Darcy.  That is all.

These are the main guys that suit my fancy.  

Of course there are honorable mentions that I found a little too predictable to add to the main hotties:

Johnny Depp
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hiddleston
Chris Evans

Favorite Genres of Music

This is actually kind of difficult because I really only like one genre of music but there are many sub-genres of that one category.  It's insane.

I mostly like rock.  But I do like screamo, alternative, punk, some metal.

I absolutely loathe country.  Never make me listen to country.  Please.

I like some rap or hip hop but it's definitely not for emotional reasons or deeper meanings, it's purely because some songs can be catchy.

If you want to see some of my favorite bands, go here

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my life.  Come back next Thursday and I'll tell you about my plans for the future and where I wish I could live!


  1. yes, i am the same with Dylan O' Brien. I started watching teen wolf in jan and fell in love. the show is awesome.

  2. Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, and Chris Evans! <333
    Yay for rock music :)