Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Favorite Actors and Actresses and Favorite Music Albums

This lovely meme was created by Jessi over at Novel Heartbeat!

Whoooo!  I'm finally caught up!

 Favorite Actors

1.  Dylan O'Brien

I love this guy.  He's so freaking awesome and down to Earth.  And a tremendous actor.  I love him on Teen Wolf but was absolutely blown away by his performance in the most recent season.  Absolutely incredible.  And when I found out that he was going to be in The Maze Runner, it made me pick up the book and read it.

2.  Matthew Perry

Absolutely loved him on Friends.  I always will love him on Friends.  He has great comedic timing and is great at the sarcasm and dry humor.  He just gets it and I love it.  I will watch anything that he does.  I don't even care what it is.

3.  Logan Lerman

I feel like I already talked about Logan in a previous Life of a Blogger.  But I'll say it again.  He's so versatile.  He can go from socially awkward teen to hipster adult to awesome demi-god.
I mean, what's not to love?  Go check out Stuck in Love, he's great in it and I feel like it doesn't get the praise that it deserves.  I think it might be on Netflix.

I know I have more favorite actors, but I really can't think of any more right now.  But these are the main ones, I guess.  Every other actor is just so cliche.  Like Leo or Johnny.  I mean you don't want to see me talk about them, it wouldn't be original.


1.  Adelaide Kane

I'm definitely new to her work.  I know she was on Teen Wolf and I really liked her character but she left way too soon.  But now she's on Reign on the CW and I love her.  Her character is so freaking badass and she just brings Queen Mary to life and makes me want to be like her when I grow up.  A leader, someone who is confident in her own skin and so elegant.  I will definitely be following her career.

2.  Emma Watson

We all watched her grow up and she was fantastic in the last two Harry Potter movies.  And don't even get me started on Perks.  She was awesome.  I will always follow her career not just because I'm so proud of her but because she's becoming very talented.

3.  Charlize Theron

She's just awesome in everything that she does.

4.  Sophia Bush

I first saw her on One Tree Hill and figured her character was just your run of the mill skanky girl but she transformed into a whole new character with so many layers.  It was incredible.  And now she's on Chicago P.D, which is the complete opposite of her OTH days.

I think that's it.  Again, I wanted to show you some not very well known actresses or ones that you wouldn't normally see on a list.

Favorite Music Albums

Best thing I will ever listen to.  

  I pretty much listened to this album throughout my whole high school career.  I idolized these guys so much.

So fucking awesome.  'Nuff said.

I can listen to this over and over again and never get bored.  It's perfection.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my life.  Come back next Thursday and I'll tell you about my bucket list!

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  1. I love your fave actors/actresses list! Sophia Bush <3 <3 I loved her on One Tree Hill. Love Emma Watson and Adelaide Kane too. And who can't love Matthew Perry?
    Paramoreeee <3 I have Riot! on my list. And I really need to listen to Sleeping with Sirens, I think I'll really like their music.
    Great post!

    Here's my list :)