Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beat the Heat Day 13

Jeez, I am just so horrible.  Day 13 wasn't really any better than the previous.  I had to go to New Hampshire for a family picnic and I couldn't even read in the car because my grampy had the idea to rent a van so we could all go up instead of taking 3 cars.  And when we are all in the same enclosed space, it gets a little crazy.  My sister was trying to roll her Rs, so it basically sounded like we were in a zoo.  And all the animals were dying.  Or on crack.  Take your pick.  Anyway, it was a fun but awkward day.  A lot of these people I have never met so it was just weird.  And I somehow managed to get sunburn on my left arm.  Just my left arm, not my right.  And it's not like my right arm was in the shade or anything, I was totally exposed to the sun.  Strange.

So, when I got home I only managed to read a few chapters of this here novella:

I've decided to partake in the Read-a-long in anticipation of the release of Sentinel.  I'm so happy to be re-reading this series.  It really is excellent and if you would like to sign up then you can do that right here, just click on the banner. 

So, here is my pathetic update:

Saturday-Day 13
Pages Read-30
Books Started-Daimon
Books Finished-0
Total Books Finished-11

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