Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beat the Heat Day 6 + Lux Read-a-thon Final Day

Still going strong, but now that the Lux Read-a-thon is over, I have a feeling that I might slow down a bit.  I'm almost to the point where I'm absolutely delirious.  Last night, everything was totally hilarious to me, I just could not stop laughing so I knew that I really needed a good nights sleep.  \

This beauty right here occupied my time all day: 
Opal (Lux, #3) 
Every single time I re-read this book my heart breaks.  I'm surprised it hasn't completely wrecked me yet.  This ending is just...I really just need Origin already.  Before I lose it for good.  

Saturday-Day 6
Pages Read-426
Books Started-Opal
Books Finished-Onyx, Opal
Total books Finished-7

Lux Read-a-thon Final Day!
I can't believe I actually finished all the books!  With the exception of Obsession but I don't really count that one.  Still this has been such an awesome last few days, I got to talk and obessess over the books with some awesome people on twitter and managed to win a Team Daemon bookmark, I was so excited about that.  

Shadows-179 pages (finished day 1)
Obsidian-256 pages (day 1)

Obsidian-79 pages (finished day 2)
Onyx-322 pages (day 2)

Onyx-44 pages (finished day 3)
Opal-382 pages (finished day 3) 

Thanks you so much to Valerie @ StuckInBooks , Jessica @ Just a Book Lover and Kayleigh @ K-books for setting this up, it was so much fun!

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